Who we are

Powered by designers of all kinds

Every person that works at Flama is a designer. We understand that design is a problem-solving mindset and a transformation tool. It does not matter if your background is in engineering, anthropology or arts, diversity, and a multidisciplinary team is what help us innovate and do great work.

As a client we're going to treat you as one of our team in terms of communication. You're going to be able to participate in our daily meetings, work sprint definition and we basically gonna talk everyday about your project to make sure it's on the right track.

Each team works on one project at a team to stay focused. We use tools like Trello, Slack, InVision and GitHub to communicate frequently.

Our core values

Be inspiring & love what you do
Be people centered & focus on humans
Be a craftsman & assure top quality
Be innovative & create the future
Be curious & open to learning
Be hands-on & work iteratively
Be optimistic & make the world better
Be bold & have guts
Be positive & work in a good energy

Our Manifesto

This is our message to the world, we use it to inspire us and to remember why we do what we do, everyday.

Everything you do

The world has changed so fast that we can barely follow it, we are all thinking about things and doing things and that raises a question: What are we really doing?

We must start making change, but not any change: change through design. Design that allow us to build something beautifully transformative, disruptive, inspiring and human centered.

Through design we can touch people’s lives by creating better, more useful, more meaningful, more impactful things.

We are meant to shape the world around us and to be aware that this world will shape us back. We can change, we can think, we can take action and we MUST design inspiration.

MAKE STUFF (technologies, experiences, tools) that inspire people to be better.

This is everything you have to do.